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"Your presentation of The Awesome Power of Habit, delivered in the outstanding Lee Miller fashion, ranks as a milestone event of our organization. The association is composed of top and middle managers throughout the United States. One purpose of the association is to stimulate and encourage individual collective efforts for improving management in the defense establishment. Your talk strongly upholds this objective..."


Armed Forces Management

"Written requests for printed copies of the daily program (now well over seven hundred a month for the two Fort Worth stations) is no small indication of its public acceptance. We as an agency appreciate being able to offer our clients such a show as Inside the Husk that not only has listener appeal, but has such a good basic growth pattern that it makes people think."

 ASA Advertising Associates

Fort Worth, Texas






What Motivates a Motivator?


In the case of Lee Miller, it is the desire to help a man cultivate his best capacities and to awaken his fullest potential. He believes that men were born to make a positive contribution to society. Miller uses universal truths to help make the inner man become aware of his true identity.


His philosophy and approach to reality can be summed up in these words:     "The golden grain that provides tomorrow's bread may be lost in the dust of the roadside when it is judged solely on the basis of its husk... let's look inside the husk." It was from these words that he took the name of his nationally syndicated radio series, which is also the name of his recently published book.As the name implies, he looks "inside the husk of man, (the diamond in the rough) and sees the possibilities that can be stimulated and brought to fruition. Each man has qualities of success and it is only by nurturing them and "throwing away the husk" that the true man that lies within can be found.


He said: "Life is limited only by the restrictions you put on it. If you can dream it, you can become it. I am an achiever, willing to learn from anyone or any source. One should set daily goals, and not make excuses."


Miller recommends that the person who seeks to find himself and greatness should do first things first. "The instant you take positive action, you begin to grow. You get results every day."    


The above story by Helen Black appeared in the Martinsville Bulletin, Berry Alumni Quarterly, and Southern Highlander and contains highlights of Lee's early career in broadcasting.