Lee Miller Media

Early Television Syndication

From a Noted Author "Lee Miller is an extremely rare individual who possesses the unusual ability to express his ideas not only as a forceful and dynamic speaker, but also as an incisive and interesting writer. He seems to sense what his radio and television audiences are thinking about - and then speak to their individual needs, their secret ambitions, and their everyday interests and concerns. His popular "Inside the Husk" programs have been heard by millions of Americans on radio and television stations during the past several years. Lee Miller knows the meaning of genuine success, of true friendship, and of divine discontent. He writes about these subjects - and many more - in a skillful way that makes readers think more clearly, and resolve to live more nobly. A devoted husband and father, Lee Miller is the kind of person you would like to have as your next-door neighbor. He is this kind of man: sincere, candid, articulate, and capable of finding "sermons in stones". He is a talented motivator and teacher, a highly respected radio and television personality, and a dedicated student of human behavior. His thoughts, ideas and observations - profound in their simplicity - enrich the lives of thousands of persons every day ..." William Arthur Ward (1972)

Lee's television programs were syndicated nationally on 127 stations. A limited edition CD containing two motivational lectures from this period is available.